15th September, The Drum Arts Centre: The Handsworth Rebellions: Revisiting Handsworth 25 Years On

10 Sep

This September marks 25 years since two days of disturbances in Handsworth, events that, alongside similar unrest in Tottenham, Brixton and Toxteth, were described by the then Metropolitan Police Chief as ‘the worst rioting ever seen on the mainland’.


Scene from the disturbances in Handsworth


The University of Birmingham in partnership with the Drum would like to invite you to a seminar that will attempt to contextualise the rebellions by examining some key aspects of life in 1980s Handsworth.  The seminar will consist of a panel of academics, artists and activists – chaired by Dr Robert Beckford – who will shift focus away from the reasons for the rebellions and on to the cultural, political and intellectual contexts of Handsworth during the period. What were the main political developments in Handsworth at this time? What were the key social institutions fostering a sense of community? How did events in Handsworth relate to wider politics of black identities and Black Britons?

Confirmed panellists include Mike Grant (formerly of the reggae band Musical Youth), Yvonne Mosquito (Labour councillor for Nechells since 1996), Mukhtar Dar (artistic director of the Drum) and Chas Critcher and Tony Jefferson (co-authors of the seminal cultural studies text, Policing the Crisis).

The aim of the seminar is for panellists and members of the audience alike to share their own perspectives on these themes and in doing so, come to a better understanding of what is a key period in contemporary British history.

This event takes place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday the 15th of September at the Drum arts centre, Aston.  Admission is free and refreshments will be served.


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  1. marcel February 19, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    BBC 1 TV “Inside Out”

    Portrait of Handsworth riots 1985 by Pogus Caesar

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